Supported Locally

The continued success of funds distributed through Trust Aoraki is largely due to the hard work of the running the gaming machines by the operators at the contributing sites:

Old Bank Cafe & Bar in Timaru

Crown Hotel, Temuka

Crown Heritage, Geraldine

Pleasant Point Hotel

Fairlie Hotel, Fairlie

Kurow Hotel, Kurow

Otematata Hotel, Otematata

Top Hut, Twizel

The Challenge

We would encourage other hospitality establishments in the regions to join our successful community funder not for profit organisation. This is to ensure that the proceeds from local gaming machines/venues remain in the local communities.

The challenge was originally taken up by Bob Mason and The Old Bank Cafe & Bar with the addition of the Crown Hotel Temuka in early 2008. The challenge is open to all the local hospitality establishments.

We would like to think that if establishments/venues are community focused, they will come on board with Trust Aoraki, and local communities will continue to benefit from our philosophies.

We endeavour to make the process of filling in the Application Form for funding easier by making our staff available either to have a meeting in person or to talk through the application process on the phone/email.

The fact that we are based in Timaru and local, means we are easily approachable and accessible.

Trust Aoraki Limited key business drivers:

  • To enhance amateur sport
  • Committed to enhancing sporting infrastructure
  • To promote sport, activity and well-being
  • To add value to the local community where our venues are situated
  • To support excellence and promote role models
  • To grow the number of high value venue’s operated by Trust Aoraki

Old Bank Timaru

Kurow Hotel

Pleasant Point Hotel

Crown Hotel Temuka

Fairlie Hotel

Otematata Bar & Lodging

Top Hut Twizel

Crown Heritage Geraldine