Targeted Allocations

The targeted allocation ensures that all sections of the community can benefit from Trust Aoraki gaming machine proceeds.

The specific split was arrived at following extensive work and reflects our perception of the community’s funding needs when considered in relation to monies provided by other funding agencies as well as Government.

All sections of the community can apply for funding and providing there is a benefit to the local community, they qualify for consideration.

  • Community 30%
  • Sport 70%
  • Community 30%
  • Sport 70%

Conditions for Allocation of Funds

  • Only non-profit bodies may apply, that is, any society, association or organisation (Incorporated or not) whose rules do not allow money, property or any other benefits to be distributed to any of its members.
  • It is a licence condition that the proposed allocation will be applied for the purpose stated and no other purpose. That acceptance of the payment will be deemed to confirm that the allocation has or will be applied accordingly.
  • In the event of non-compliance with any of these conditions, an amount equal to the amount of the allocation is immediately repayable by the recipient organisation to Trust Aoraki.
  • The member and the recipient organisation acknowledge and accept that public disclosure will be made of any funds allocated by Trust Aoraki as a result of this request.
  • Trust Aoraki is under no obligation to meet requests forwarded by applicants and has complete discretion in the allocation of funds. Grants must be of direct and immediate benefit to the recipient.
  • All uniforms, equipment and the like, must remain the property of the recipient organisation (hence, personal items cannot be funded).

Retrospective Applications cannot be Approved

All grants must be applied to specific and future based purposes. That is, a grant application must be received by Trust Aoraki prior to an event being held. All unpaid future costs thereof will be considered.

In general, applications received less than four (4) weeks prior to the event or activity being applied for are less likely to be successful.

Applications for funding of prepaid airfares for a recognised event, will be given consideration as they are not regarded as retrospective.

Allocations for Purposes within New Zealand

  • All grants must be used for goods and services within New Zealand, to meet Inland Revenue Department requirements. Overseas travel for New Zealand residents may be funded provided the travel is for an Authorised Purpose and expenses claimed are actual and reasonable.
  • Only return travel from New Zealand to an overseas first port of call can be funded. Travel is expensive however, and often provides only a limited benefit to the community at large. Applications for funding of travel are therefore considered very carefully in all instances.
  • Departure tax, travel insurance, overseas accommodation, internal travel within an overseas country, etc cannot be funded by gaming machine proceeds.
  • In general, funding of overseas travel will only be considered for a New Zealand representative groups / teams / players / individuals.

No Commercial Benefit

There must be no intent by a hotel/venue and the recipient of funds to enter into a verbal or written agreement where there is a clear commercial benefit to the hotel. For example, backhanders, the purchase of alcohol, patronage of the hotel, and the like.

No procuration fee, comm1ss1on and/or discount, contra arrangement or payment of any kind may be entered into-with any persons who is an employee or member of Trust Aoraki.

No grant may be linked to or be conditional on, any venue related arrangement.