Application Form

Once the form is downloaded to your computer, you can print it, then complete it using a pen and return the form to us by mail.

Applications must be mailed directly to Trust Aoraki. Only signed, pre-printed or downloaded forms are acceptable.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we will forward you a Grant Application Form and assist you with your application if help is required.

Phone: (03) 688 9930

10 Royal Arcade, PO Box 384, Timaru

Access to Grant Application Forms

Application forms are freely available in clear public view next to the gaming machines at member sites as well as at various other locations. Photocopies or faxed copies cannot be accepted. Forms downloaded from this website are acceptable.
The application form must be completed by the applicant only.
Site operators cannot make any decisions or recommendations about applications and cannot receive completed application forms. These must be forwarded directly to Trust Aoraki Limited.
All applications are subject to availability of funds and compliance with Authorised Purposes.
Completion of an application form does not constitute approval of the request for funds or, if approved, does not mean that further payments to the same recipient or for the same purpose will be approved in the future.

Method of Payment

Trust Aoraki Limited is required to pay grants by direct credit only to an applicant’s nominated bank account. Payments are usually made within ten working days of a grant being approved.

Audit and Inspection

The records of Trust Aoraki are subject to inspection and audit by the Department of Internal Affairs upon notification.
Applications are made on the understanding that if any Department of Internal Affairs officer so requests, the applicant organisation/body shall agree to and participate in (at its own expense) any such inspection and/or audit.
The Department requires that all applications include a Consent of Audit signed by the applicant organisation/body to verify receipt and correct use of funds.

All applications will be audited by Trust Aoraki. There will be a request for invoices and receipts to support quotations submitted with applications. Should there a change of circumstances or costs, our office must be notified in writing and approval sought for any proposed re-allocation of funds.

In the event that adequate audit documentation for a grant cannot be obtained, actual costs are less than those indicated in the application, funds are spent other than for the approved Authorised Purpose, there is any other irregularity in the grant process or the applicant has received funding from another source for the same purpose, then Trust Aoraki is required to obtain a refund of the grant funding issued.