How do we obtain your logo?

A: We have a logo/style guide click here to view. Or contact us to arrange for a copy of our logo.

How often can we apply?

A: We recommend once every 12 months.

Are there closing dates for applications?

A: Yes, please refer to the funding schedule. click here

How often does the Board sit to review grant applications?

A: Please refer to the funding schedule. click here

Should I ring if I haven’t heard anything?

A: Yes, if you haven’t heard anything after 6 weeks.

Who can apply?

A: Not for profit bodies – Charitable Trusts who have been operating more than a year and can provide annual accounts. Sports Clubs, Regional and National Sports Associations. Incorporated community groups. Schools, Kindergartens, Play centres.

Who cannot apply?

A: Profit making bodies – examples: commercial businesses/companies, or an individual.

Do you fund affiliation/capitation fees or subscriptions?

A: No.

Will the Society pay for overseas travel?

A: In general, funding of overseas travel will only be considered for a New Zealand representative group(s)/team(s)/player(s)/individual(s).

What about GST?

The allocation of funds is made by Trust Aoraki and is an unconditional gift. No portion is claimed by Trust Aoraki as a deduction for Goods and Services Tax paid. If an applicant is GST registered, only the GST exclusive amount can be funded (as GST is not a real cost to such organisations).

Do I have to supply annual accounts?

A: Your organisation should be operational for 12 months at least and be able to supply financial records (accounts), which have been approved at the AGM.

Can we use the grant to pay for team uniforms?

A: Yes – playing uniforms are approved when the uniforms remain the property of the Club (tracksuits are approved for outdoor winter sports only).

Will Trust Aoraki consider an application after the event has taken place or after items have been purchased?

A: No, grants must be approved before the purchase and/or event.

Is there a dollar limit to the size of an approved grant?

A: No, however not more than 20% of the total available funds generated by any one venue in a 12 month period may be given to any one recipient.

This condition is to eliminate the potential for large clubs or organisations to monopolise community funds.

How is the grant paid?

A: Grants are direct credited to the applicant’s account.

How do you define Personal Gain?

A: A grant may not result in any personal or commercial gain to the grant applicant, a venue operator, or any other party (other than incidental gain).

This means a material benefit (in money, goods or equivalent) to business interests or individual(s).

What is a bona fide sport?

A: A bona fide sport is a sporting activity, organisation or club which is affiliated to a regional and national body, and which has genuine standards and rules and which plays on a regular basis as part of a significant competition.

This definition excludes sporting activities or clubs which are social in nature and therefore not primarily sporting in their focus. For example, according to the above definition, social games between pub patrons would not be regarded as a bona fide sporting event.

What is an Authorised Purpose?

A: An authorised purpose is an event, project, activity, or item that qualifies for funding. What all Authorised Purposes have in common is that they are of benefit to the community and do not result in commercial or personal gain.