Approved by the Department of Internal Affairs – August 2002

Funds available for distribution will be applied to any charitable, philanthropic or cultural purpose, or any other purpose that is beneficial to the community or any section of it.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • The provision, or assistance in the provision, of facilities, equipment or playing/training uniforms for sporting clubs and amateur sporting teams affiliated to the appropriate regional or national body, playing in recognised, published leagues or competitions, and/or
  • Grants for charitable purposes including the relief of poverty, or welfare assistance through donations to recognised social service or welfare agencies, and/or
  • Grants to educational or training organisations for scholarships or equipment that is administered by the recipient educational organisation, and/or
  • Grants to recognised cultural or philanthropic activities or groups.

With the exception of grants to national societies or agencies, funds are mainly distributed within the local community in which they are raised.

No payment, commission or any other kind of reward, financial or otherwise, can be attached or demanded as a precondition for either the issuing of a grant application form or the payment of a grant.

internal affairs unit New ZealandAuthorised Purposes must benefit the community and not result in commercial or personal gain. The Trust Aoraki Limited Board of Directors met on 12th October 2020 and considered the criteria for the distribution of Net Proceeds. The criteria was reviewed and accepted and can be viewed here Donation Criteria October 2020


Complaints about the conduct at any of the gaming venues, or the conduct of Trust Aoraki Limited or issues regarding unsuccessful grant applications must be in writing and may be directed to:

Trust Aoraki Limited
P.O. Box 384
Timaru 7940


Secretary of Internal Affairs
Southern Region Gaming Compliance Unit
P.O. Box 1308
Christchurch 8140
Ph: 0800 257 887

The following are some examples provided by the Department of Internal Affairs which are not acceptable Authorised Purposes.

  • Purposes which will result commercial gain for any individual or organisation

    • Grants for individual sports persons, unless the grant is made to, and administered by, an incorporated sporting body to which the individual is affiliated.
      If the individual is participating in a sports event that attracts prizes, all prizes must be forfeited to that sporting body.
    • Grants to further the activities of professional sports persons.
    • Purchase or subsidy of vehicles to be used for private or commercial activities or social functions.
    • Vehicles for motorsport.
    • Prizes for sporting events (except trophies, or modest non-cash prizes for use in genuine community sporting events.
    • The definition of ‘modest’ will in each case be determined by the size of the event concerned).
    • The promotion of tourism, except where what is being promoted is a public amenity such as a park or a museum.
    • ‘Trade Tournaments’ or sporting events staged primarily for publicity and/or the benefit of a select/invited industry group.
  • The Racing Industry

    • Payments other than stake money to horse or greyhound owners or trainers.
    • Payments to professional jockeys.
    • Activities or expenses in connection with the breeding of racehorses or greyhounds.
    • Any payment, facility or service that would give commercial benefit to owners, trainers, jockeys, breeders or other people in the racing industry.

Annual Review

At the biennial Strategic Planning meeting on 14th December 2020 the board of Trust Aoraki Limited did review and agreed to maintain their current systems and methods of distribution of net proceeds and organisation management.

Groups, events or trips which are predominantly social in nature

  • Family Reunions.
  • Social Clubs and sports supporters’ clubs.
  • Sporting trips for supporters or spectators.
  • Costs associated with staging ‘after match’ functions for sporting groups.
  • Provision or subsidy for costs of entertainment, food or refreshments.
  • Grants to non-affiliated sports clubs.
  • Equipment or apparel of a personal nature.

Note: Trust Aoraki Limited does not provide grants for party political purposes, despite this being permitted under prevailing legislation.